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How can borrow 30 years of rooms still period shorten half
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Classic case:

This year because bought a house, bore the liability of a suit, ask each ace to help so look how economy is better, can let me return loan earlier and the life is relatively stable and safe.
Oneself 1978 stranger, every months of income is controlled in 4500 yuan, I and company pay insurance gold and accumulation fund each half, every months gross 800 yuan, medical expenses 100 % submits an expense account, have housing accumulation fund at present 40 thousand yuan, deposit is 1 year period is 6. 80 thousand yuan, 1000 U.S. dollor regards foreign currency conduct financial transactions as half an year, still having is 20 thousand yuan of national debt. Because bought a house this year, begin to want 30 thousand yuan every year to return loan from this year so, want to hand in 30 years. My preparation 1 marries inside year, consumption can be controlled every months in 1500 yuan now. Whether let me return loan as early as possible inside 15 years? Ask ace to give directions.

Expert proposal

The first, should undertake according to oneself income and real need reasonable consumption plans. Save expenditure, nurturance is very important the youth that good consumptive convention borrows to having a house. This personage answers to be in control of every months of expense 1000 yuan or so. Some time are spare also be way of a kind of efficient conduct financial transactions.
The 2nd, form good investment consciousness, because only investment just is the optimal way of appreciation. This personage has deposit 6. 80 thousand yuan, the half an year of foreign currency economy of 1000 U.S. dollor and 20 thousand yuan national debt invest. From the point of above data, its have certain investment consciousness, the proposal is become time deposit 6. After 80 thousand yuan expire, this deposit reachs a bank or insurance company has the investment of product of RMB conduct financial transactions, and can arrive about product of particular conduct financial transactions big bank and each insurance company seek advice. The yield of product of this conduct financial transactions is average interest rate of saving of deposit of bank of tower above the corresponding period, and the risk is very low, and change go to the lavatory with current deposit almost now. In the meantime, go up to still can choose debt of national debt, company, fund to wait for product of low risk conduct financial transactions more in investment breed, support achieves stable earnings below the premise that controls a venture.
The 3rd, the housing accumulation fund that uses him capture to put repays loan, can ease reimbursement pressure greatly. At present reimbursement has two kinds of commonly used methods, namely one-time reimbursement law and law of reimbursement of month by month. Because the target of this personage is the in advance inside 15 years,pay off bank loan, suggest its adopt one-time reimbursement law so. 40 thousand yuan of accumulation fund that put pay of this personage oneself first shift to an earlier date as the part of first time reimbursement, press next annual the share that the total that the capture of housing accumulation fund puts balance of every months of remaining sum, yield, income has leaving one year shifts to an earlier date reimbursement. Every month continues to repay according to 2500 yuan amount loan. Such addition as reimbursement frequency, can shift to an earlier date settle borrows money entirely.
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