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Application individual housing borrows money 3 gist dot
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The person that buys room buy line of business now is increasing, the person of money of one-time paid house is a small number of people after all, loan buys a house most person. Loan buys a house is brushstroke of huge of a family invests for a long time, how explain borrow still borrow more economy, more reasonable, it is to have cultured.

Evaluate leasehold capability

Answer to undertake to oneself ability that buy a house ego is evaluated integratedly above all, make again next decision-making. How be evaluated?

Should see oneself whether have above all do not buy house price under place of 30% head period pay, because business of great majority house property has demand of this good stout carrying pole; Should evaluate oneself adequately every months to repay next housing loan principal and interest can susceptive ability, namely: Income of every months of family basically shows salary and other change to need defray shows daily life needs expenditure is mixed strong financial capital and every months now reserve the balance of capital, whether be more than the loan principal and interest that housing loan needs every months to repay.

Consumer is best can borrowing money forward loan bank consults loan program, the estate credit department that is like some bank pursues the experience of housing loan business and special investigation for a long time according to its, for consumer the design has " domestic month income and loan of individual housing commerciality contrast referenced watch " , can make your heart medium have a number roughly. Some banks are new recently roll out " 0 pay " mortgage loan, to those not save money is enough for the 30% families that buy room head to pay since good news, but also will increase accordingly at the same time borrow door still lend the specified amount every months.

Pick loan assortment opportunely

Current loan breed basically has " individual housing accumulation fund borrows money " , " individual housing commerciality borrows money " , " individual housing decorates loan " 3 kinds big. Look from loan interest rate, "Individual housing accumulation fund borrows money " interest rate is best, 1, 5 years period annual rate 4.14% , 6, 30 years 4.59% ; "Individual housing commerciality borrows money " interest rate take second place, 1, 5 years 5.31% , 6, 30 years 5.58% ; "Individual housing decorates loan " interest rate is top, 1 year period 5.85% , 2, 3 years period 5.94% , 4, 5 years period 6.03% .

Accumulation fund loan has loan interest rate low, decrease receive conduction loan relevant poundage, family each member accumulation fund plan borrow the forehead to spend can incorporate use the privilege that wait, reason wants only it is seasonable the worker of accumulation fund of pay of full specified amount, what all should apply for him place to be able to get above all is the biggest degree, the accumulation fund that is restricted the most for a long time borrows money. Because capture puts accumulation fund and did not apply for without the predestined relationship,be opposite " individual housing accumulation fund borrows money " individual, can buy housing with place on mortage, or the unit that lets have capacity of enough generation countervail and individual are made assure, apply for to the bank " individual housing commerciality borrows money " . The dweller is making capital is encountered to be not worth when decorating to housing of for private use, can apply for to the bank " housing decorates loan " , the belongings pledge that needs to offer proof of menstrual aid income and loan bank to approbate, impawn or tripartite guarantor, borrow period the 5 years longest, lend the specified amount highest it is 100 thousand yuan.
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