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10 action teach you to learn to invest conduct financial transactions
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The first action: Compulsive deposit

Open to the bank 0 put whole take account, salary arrives after Zhang, should enforce partly among them oneself have deposit. Additional, now a lot of bank open " connect " business, can accredit gives a bank, the amount that wants salary deposit book only reachs certain amount, the bank can turn certain amount automatically for time deposit, this kind " compulsive deposit " method, can the habit that give up chaos spends money, accumulate individual asset ceaselessly thereby.

The 2nd action: Keep expenditures within the limits of income

To " moon a group of things with common features " for, the most important is to should dominate consumptive desire. Should establish record of a conduct financial transactions particularly, have a record to the circumstance of income and expenses of a month, see which the bottom flowed to " beautiful Qianru running water " , what seeing is indispensable expenditure, what is dispensable expenditure, what is ought not to some expenditure. Next month by month decreases " dispensable " and " ought not to have " consumption. In the meantime, can open the bank on the net with salary bankbook, inquire remaining sum at any time, to oneself capital know sth like the palm of one's hand, adjust oneself consumptive behavior at any time according to bankbook remaining sum.

The 3rd action: Boycott is alluring

The pattern of businessman sales promotion is increasing, all sorts of temptation make many people suffer from went up " buy disease madly " , especially to essence of life the female at calculate, for fear that misses favourable opportunity, often take no account of oneself demand, ignore shopping integrated cost, buy wildly blindly. A lot of " moon a group of things with common features " can not have because of this principal return, this kind of consumption that suggests to consider oneself first before shop is reasonable redo decision.

The 4th action: Do not overdraw

The consumption that hold card more and more the mark that makes style, but impersonal person suits to use a bank to get stuck, need more to credit card especially discreet. Additional, borrow those who write down card to overdraw the function also wants careful with, excessive overdraw to still can let oneself become " negative old man " gens.

The 5th action: Save expense

Next eating house are " moon family " one of main characteristics, the expenditure of many families occupies the 1/4 of lunar income sometimes. Proposal family member learns cooking common sense, the vegetable that him dot can buy to like incidentally when coming off work or semi-manufactured goods undertakes machining, already wholesome, achieved the goal of be economical again.
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