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Business spreads the item that optional location should notice
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The expert thinks, the choose and buy opens business shop to should notice the following item:

It is the area with easy communication, perhaps be in of a few main stations around. Can not exceed the street set up shop inside distance of 20 minutes on foot in the client. Street be separated by the driveway normally, form two side, which to choose at the same time relatively be helpful for managing, need watchs flow of pedestrian of street both directions, after be being analysed through investigation with the pedestrian much at the same time set up shop had better.

2 it is the site that approachs people to gather. Wait for public place of entertainment like theater, cinema, park around, near big perhaps plant, mechanism, this can attract discrepancy pedestrian to pass on one hand, make the client remembers the place of this shop easily on the other hand, the guest that has come publicizes the introduction to others, can point to fetching patronage more easily.

3 it is to choose what can increase to stand by population at the same time. Enterprise, residential area and municipal develop, can add more clients to shop and make its are managed go up to have development latent capacity more.

4 it is congener shop those who gather at the same time. A large number of facts prove, durable to those management for tasted shop, if can be centered in certain a sector of an area or block, can solicit a client more.

5 it is to should choose less bystreet or fraise at the same time. Make much time, the pedestrian crosses driveway mouth to want, because center spirit to avoid car or other contact pedestrian, and oversight at the same time shop.

6 it is the store that chooses to be valued by the businessman now with its runs the place, not not as far as the choice meet in the future by cold heated what was not valued is street. Decide good shop direction of management to search management location again with its sometimes, be inferior to finding the business place with moderate of the three unities, low price first, decide direction of management according to local environment circumstance again.

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