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How much does the common sense that buy a house know
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Use room

Use room is to point to the residence that invests build by country and state-owned company, institution, the government rents with hire standard of the regulation public housing of the dweller.

Public house

Public house also weighs public housing, state-owned residence. It is to point to the residence that invests build, sale by country and state-owned company, institution, before the residence is unsold, residential property right (have authority of authority, occupation, punish, accrual right) homecoming home is all. At present the public housing of dweller hire, change policy cent to be two kinds big by the room: Shine  of Ling of Suo Jiang Shang is fierce " ? is a kind to cannot make work public housing.

Cheap rents a house

Cheap rents a house is to be in new the national house that come on stage revises a kind of idea that advances first in policy. The cheap of our country hires a room only do not make work, rental the person that give the lowest in town dweller income. The origin that cheap rents a house basically is to vacate the old public house that return to wait.


Confidential also says demesne the residence, private property residence. It is buy by individual or family, built house. Be in a country, the residence of the farmer basically is to be built oneself demesne the residence. Public housing consumes the market to sell individual and family through the residence, also turn for demesne the residence.

Share house property jointly

Share house property jointly: Fall from the sky of left-eyed flounder of reef of Gu of Ga reef Wo fastens graceful? not to divide portion ground to enjoy equal droit to sharing house property entirely.


In residential design, residential width is to show skin of wall of the one side inside a building arrives the actual distance between another wall skin. Because be with respect to the width between one nature character, friend says bay again. Residential the standard width of a room in an old-style house does not exceed 3 commonly. 0 meters -- , 3. 9 meters, the brick mixes structural house the standard width of a room in an old-style house not to exceed 3 commonly. 3 meters. Provide lesser bay measure, can shorten the dimensional span of floor, enhance stability and sex of residential construction whole, aseismatic sex. Bay 5 meters of above, into deep the residence of big the standard width of a room in an old-style house of 7 meters of above can offer for resident 40, the living space with 50 larger even square metre, compare with the photograph of residence of small the standard width of a room in an old-style house of same floor area, main wall reduces an in part, usable floor area increases 2% , facilitate agile partition, outfit is revised go to.

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