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The breed with safe estate reachs a function
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Current, trade in commodity house in the process, conduction estate insurance has been become must a formalities. The related to real estate insurance risk that at present our country each insurance company rolls out plants basically have: Housing of construction project insurance, building insurance, individual mortgages property of safe, estate insurance and estate responsibility are safe. Among them, buy a house with the individual closely related is hind 4.

It is not only when buying a house, be must, and be in commonly as a result of the use time of estate 60 years of above, also be a kind of when ensure your access to the building inside this quite long time significant step.

The building is sure to should be sure to belong to category of domestic property insurance, the building loss that the natural disaster such as main safeguard fire, explosion, be struck by lightning and contingency cause. The house is safe and average by house advocate or resident is cast protect, premium rate is 0.1 ~ 0.2% , when producing a loss, insurance company is worth computation to compensate for by the real value of the building, but with exceeding insurance amount in the limit of.

Individual housing mortgages insurance in last few years, open of a few commercial banks business of housing mortgage loan, get the benefit of detain person for safeguard, if suffer miss the opportunity of calamity accident caustic to be able to receive corresponding compensation,the building that assures guaranty is in during guaranty, each commercial bank sets deal with " individual housing mortgages insurance " as one of conditions that obtain mortgage loan. "Individual housing mortgages insurance " be sure to be not had in insurance content respect with aforementioned household worth how old distinction, it basically provided guaranty person through guaranty clause the right inside insurance period and obligation. "Individual housing mortgages insurance " insurance time limit and loan time limit are consistent, ask to mortgage the person is being cast one-time capture is clear when protecting insurance premium.

Estate property is safe one kind when it belongs to belongings to be sure, policy-holder can be organization, legal person, natural person, what concern with the dweller basically is commodity house be sure and buy public housing to be sure oneself. Commodity house insurance is to be what the person that buys commodity house offers to make its buy the residence to encounter unexpected damage miss the opportunity to be able to get economic compensatory is planted nearly in time in place.

Because the room changes to buy the danger of the public house that rents formerly to plant thereby,buying public house to be sure oneself is pair of dwellers. Two kinds of safe responsibility are identical, the insurance belongings that causes because of natural disaster is marred and the loss of the insurance belongings that spread to avoid disaster or causes because of rescue, protection. The property that protects can be the building reachs his only accessory equipment and indoor decorate the belongings such as material, insurance period is a year commonly, but add is protected, insurance premium presses a regulation to agree by both sides.
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