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The female buys the common sense that the room should notice
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According to Chinese traditional idea, building house to buy a house is male responsibility. But as modern woman economy and social class rise ceaselessly, buy a house besides lone woman more and more general outside, the important matter buying a house of a lot of families also by " she " the decision signs sheet. Business of no wonder house property people want to exclamation: Building city was entered " her times " . According to investigation, the one big characteristic that the female buys a house is most take a fancy to traffic, along the line of the subway, track is their first selection; Next, they care about village environment, safe afforest and room detail design; Have near their care finally deny supermarket and bazaar. Such they exist in choosing a room a few errors, than following faces these common sense need evil fill one time.

One, room of institutional appreciate example:

If say a lot of males buy a room to pay attention to practical word too, so a lot of females criterion often beautiful the first, practical the 2nd, example room buys a room to having conclusive effect to theirs. And this also in the middle of one's heart's desire of house property business, the person that because make the oldest goal of example room,let buy a house namely generates the impulse that buy a house.
What kind of is the example room that we think we often are moved now?
House of specular demon unreal Example room always can use glass and mirror to acme, the sort of connecting you should go after feel likely fully, good because of sensory illumination. But if here does not have glass originally,you had thought, what effect be? Him trade of this bit of house property is the fairest, what actual before building sees now without you actually is so big, it is so good now that the light is done not have. How to do? Stylist said, use glass, plus the mirror, the eye of the person that see a room so was spent. Perhaps you can say, decorate with glass and mirror also is it doesn't matter bad ah? It is it doesn't matter bad, at least is good-looking. But is reality what thing you still can put before glass and mirror? The furniture of a few appearance in example room, cannot satisfy the real need that you live completely actually, glass and mirror helped you magnify the space in the eye, at the same time reductive is your actual space.
The exterior sucks eyeball Normally we still can see a few novel data in example room, they are used so appropriately on the wall, let us feel unusual style. But the staff member can tell you, when this is making a room, do not have. This moment, your the first reaction also can comfort him besides the regret, add after oneself are OK also anyway. 2000 yuan when then we see are decorated standard and what enjoy actually is different, although develop business to did not hide a fact, but the eyeball that he cheated us, the contented and direct feedback of our eyeball gives cerebrum, cerebrum because cheerful, did not think so, want to enjoy such level truly, we are paid more even actually.
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