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Residential configuration introduces
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The configuration of commodity house basically is bearing with its the data that structural place uses will differentiate, can divide commonly for: "The brick mixes bricky timberwork and structure, ferroconcrete structure " , situation of 3 kinds of forms is as follows:

(1) brick mixes structural residence
The brick mixes a structure is the vertical stroke in pointing to a building to bearing structural wall, column use brick or block build by laying bricks or stones to build, column, bridge, floor, roof boarding, truss use ferroconcrete structure. Common ground is told, the brick mixes a structure is the structure that bearings with fraction ferroconcrete and major brick wall.

(Residence of 2) brick timberwork
Bricky timberwork residence is to point to to bearing in the building structural wall, column uses bricky build by laying bricks or stones to build or block build by laying bricks or stones is built, the house that floor structure, roof tuss uses timber structure and builds jointly.

(Residence of 3) ferroconcrete structure
Ferroconcrete structure residence is those who point to a building is main bearing the structure if column, bridge, board, lid of stair, house is made with the ferroconcrete, the wall uses brick or other data stuff. This kind of structure is aseismatic performance is good, integral sex is strong, fight corrode fireproof ability strong, wear well.

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