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Does delay of development business violate a treaty pay building owner how quote
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Expert: Ought to see a contract carefully, look in the center whether to agree the processing means that decorates quality problem. Generally speaking, development business is in the contract won't decorate quality (accessory 3 content) as the condition that make a room, the controversy that causes at this point so can compensate for the times doubler pattern processing of price difference by what agree in the contract only. If you are sued if, it is clear to must analyse the contract must analyse the contract, do not let developed business to get chance, and cannot realize oneself requirement. The court basically agrees according to the contract when the court decision.

Another kind of circumstance is, if agreed some is decorated in the contract, but development business was not done, that is other one thing, this and with standard of shoddy short of it is different, right now can the building did not obtain a contract sue for the agreement, development chamber of commerce assumes delay to reach the responsibility of breach of contract of the room accordingly.

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