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The room changes carry out room, collect money build a room to evaluate counterp
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The room changes carry out room, collect money the assessment that builds a house counterpoises to involve a field not only truly much, the question of existence is much also, and hold together is worn the personal interest of the innumberable families, matter to reform of national economic system and the great undertaking with stable society. Although begin those who advance public housing to sell the job obtains remarkable result in each district before, dan Chong reveals collect money build a room to counterpoise truly wait for a few problems solve still be like person meaning very much, caused a lot of society problems. For this, the author will change carry out room for years, collect money build a room to evaluate a few when in counterpoising truly, come up against special problems to put forward to be discussed together with everybody.

(One) the room changes carry out room, collect money build a room to counterpoise to whether want estate intermediary orgnaization to intervene truly
A kind of viewpoint thinks, sell public house collects money room policy sex is strong, the government can organize the branch such as canal of land, construction, room, prices every year measure cipher out in those days the room changes cost price, market price, make give all sorts of adjustment element, and every building has off-the-peg complete blueprint, meeting picture can calculate unit technology him personnel, want to change sectional approve to be able to sell through the room only, estate is evaluated, those who measure intermediary orgnaization intervening is redundant, can increase the economic burden of the carry out, unit that build a house only.
The author thinks, this kind of viewpoint is inappropriate. Above all, it has be contrary to at " evaluate first, hind sell " principle. Next, change actual condition to look from the room, public housing, collect money especially build a house, the building builds " individual difference " bigger, if do not divide green red black and write to unite,press in those days the room changes cost price to sell, certainly will is caused " honest person is in an unfavorable situation " , the situation that the unit with poor benefit is in an unfavorable situation, cause needless social contradiction thereby. The 3rd, a sector of an area that affects house price, structure, environment, quality, function, into spend newly etc adjust of the element affirmatory, and the computation of building sale area is professional very strong, everybody can be competent. Accordingly, of estate intermediary orgnaization intervening is indispensible.

(2) valence is evaluated how to decide after extend of public old housing
Area of inchoate old public house is smaller, and the function is not complete, 4 comparative below one part residence won'ts do set, without kitchen, toilet, planar position is unreasonable. Accordingly, some by the unit contributive, some is mixed by the unit the individual is collective and contributive undertake transforming to former housing. To the part of proper motion extend, continueing to make work the public housing former property right that extend wants only in the room is clear, did not disobey town planning, and accord with the residence old house transforms a program to ask inside the village, the examination with certain course program, change bequeath problem to should give as the room maintain counterpoise truly, this is helpful for the stability of thought of difficult company worker, be helpful for public house continuity selling. Go up surely really in price, can adopt add the method with average advantageous position to undertake handling.
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