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How to calculate the utilization rate of the building?
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Building utilization rate is the scale of the usable floor area that points to a building and floor area, it is the important level that measures property to use efficiency, the house that sells on property market at present shows with floor area mostly, but having what use a sense actually most to the client is usable floor area. Both exceeds old utilization rate in the difference on numerical value lower, effectiveness is lower also.

On the choice of method of utilization rate calculation, some development business uses axes area method. This kind of method is the central line with wall of room inside and outside calculates usable floor area for border, the half area of the wall outside calculating computational usable floor area to include so and all inside the area that wall place occupies, appear taller on numerical value, cannot reflect the condition of usable floor area with real house property completely. Exactly computational method is the wall outside subtracting on the foundation in floor area and inside the usable floor area that reachs after the area that wall place occupies, the usable floor area of numerate of this kind of method plan also figure ground is called " carpet area " . It reflected the real utilization rate of a property, method of this kind of calculation is the method that bears the blame to the client.

From the point of general situation, the respect of real utilization rate of high-level tower is more multilayer the residence is differred slightly, because the high level asks to have fire prevention stair,basically be, the area between elevator is larger also, one ladder designs the acreage that also increased a passageway many times, the area of every average share is much also. And multilayer the residence is primary nonexistent afore-mentioned problems, even if is a little multilayer the residence has elevator, the area between its elevator also is less than a high level, if use,hang outside elevator wait for new-style design layout its utilization rate still can rise further.

In addition, the form a complete set that floor area still includes booth of each unit part of one's job uses a room common floor area, wait like room of water pump of room of boiler room, distribution, high pressure.

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