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Bridal chamber is compared with second bridal chamber
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Return to reason stage by stage as Shanghai house price, nowadays, on Shanghai a few live oneself demand also begins slow release. Buying a house is to buy bridal chamber after all, what say normally namely to development business buys skill house, still buy what had not lived through house property intermediary, remain the second bridal chamber of semifinished product even, namely on common sense secondhand room? In fact, bridal chamber and second bridal chamber, each have accident advantages and disadvantages, the following enumerate buy a few advantageous elements that bridal chamber may encounter with second bridal chamber and adverse situation, this is the person that choose and buy a house plaguily to be in, probably some are inspired.

NO.1 trades risk bridal chamber trades to develop business to seeming, the risk is relatively lesser.

The each other that buys bridal chamber is development business. These a few years, estate market relatively more normative once upon a time, although buy a house person opposite development business, can say to show level to still be in weak power position, but no matter buy period house, still buy show a house, also developing business without giving thought to is state-owned company, still be mixed economy, or it is civilian battalion enterprise, generally speaking, the person that buy a house will head pay or sum capital pays development dealer, still be safe relatively. The one party that trades after all is an individual, one party is economic organization, without giving thought to how, even if happening is accident, should say individual or the help that can get government or law.

Between individual of second bridal chamber trade the risk is relatively big.
Buyers and sellers all fastens an individual, respective sincere letter situation masters harder, can pass the house property intermediary with tall financial condition only, obtain safeguard. Even if is such, in this round of house property big " ox " after city passes, the lawsuit that house property of buying and selling initiates between the individual, want than the dispute between individual and development business much. These lawsuit or between the individual are the bargainor received fund, house price rose again, do not wish resell, or is buyer paid deposit, house price fell not to wish to trade again go down. It is cheap to return the home below some to collect fees for covet, the Xiaofang that entrusts aptitude difference produces intermediary, the home on the result whirled the money of next homes. Look from this angle, buy the risk with second the biggest bridal chamber to be afraid depend on this.

Bridal chamber of room of NO.2 choosing room can be in many building or different position chooses a disparate arrangement of ideas in.

Although develop the sale that business takes generally,strategy is a few or earth builds a structure to seal a top, open to booking permissibly group by group, scroll rolls out a sale, but fall in the setting that at present building city transfers to buyer's market by seller's market, of the period room that every time opens to booking or accurate carry out show a house, general little criterion a few, many more than 100. For this pair of person that buy a house, how many some choose leeway, can the economic condition according to oneself or bear ability, the choice is disparate arrangement of ideas, different position, different room, the house of different area, development business still can enjoy on the price " one room one price " sell policy, experience " a minute of price a minute of goods " experience, unapt happening " fleshy price bought bean curd " circumstance.
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