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What is residential floor area? How to calculate?
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Floor area also calls a building developed area, it is the sum of each planar area that line of periphery of the wall outside showing the residence is built determines. It is the economic norms that states a building builds scope magnitude. It includes 3, although use area, auxiliary area and structural area. Because floor area is the settle accounts data of price of computational commodity house, so to buying a house person for, the computational method that knows floor area is very important. In residential building, the range that calculates floor area and method are:
(1) monolayer building no matter its height how, all press a computation, its floor area presses the periphery level area of above of plinth of the wall outside the building to calculate. Monolayer residence contains partial floor like interior (like attic) also should calculate floor area.
(2) multilayer or floor area of high-level residence architectural, it is the summation computation that presses each floor area, its ground floor presses area of level of periphery of above of plinth of the wall outside the building to calculate, layer or 2 2 above are pressed outside computation of area of wall periphery level.
(The 3) basement, half basement floor area that reachs corresponding passageway, the wall outside pressing its able to read aloud fluently (do not include daylighting well, moistureproof layer to reach its to protect a wall) the horizontal area computation of periphery.
(4) does layer of subterranean built on stilts to try to use with deep foundation, the layer is excellent 2.2 meters, the half of the horizontal area that presses periphery of layer of built on stilts calculates floor area.
(5) crosses the passageway of the building, the hallway inside the building, hall no matter height how, all calculate floor area by. Part of the corridor inside the hall presses its standard umbriferous area calculates floor area.
(Well of the 6) elevator well, well that promote thing, rubbish path, conduit and add wall chimney to wait to all press building nature layer computation builds an area.
(The technical layer inside 7) house building (place all sorts of equipment and repair conserve to use) , the layer is more than 2.2 meters tall, calculate floor area by area of level of technical layer periphery.
(Bitter fleabane of rain of 8) independent column, by the level of coping the half of umbriferous area calculates floor area; Bitter fleabane of much column rain, calculate floor area by periphery level area.
(Between the has palisade structure stair well of 9) outstanding building, cistern, elevator computer room, calculate floor area by area of level of palisade structure periphery.
(10) has the built on stilts of coping to connect corridor between two buildings, calculate floor area by the umbriferous area that knows corridor. The built on stilts that does not have coping connects corridor to press its the half of umbriferous area calculates floor area.
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