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Choose a room 8 big head and circumjacent establishment maintain a distance
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The abidance as real estate is hot, the house that more and more people got he are longed for day and night. But a few aggravating problems can discover before long after be being moved into new house, the author is chosen respectively from inside these problems " front " with what be the same as circumjacent establishment " be apart from " two kinds of problems are discussed with everybody.

   Talk about front problem above all.
The course is compared, the room that the author faces towards 8 kinds actors or actress by its bad sort is as follows, offer everybody to consult through fair cent value.
Say first " front takes the balcony on the west " . Somebody can ask: Say on the west to the room is bad, why to add a balcony to be ranked the 4th?
Be such, think on the west to the room is bad and main because,be " with a western exposure " reason. If do not have the balcony, of summer sunshine will be point-blank afternoon inside house. The sunshine that after having the balcony however, shoots can decrease 60% - 70% , such, this main contradiction was weakened greatly. And the profit that head institute brings on the west dries clothings, clothes e.g. air, the setting sun that appreciates beauty towards evening and that is warm in the winter and precious sunshine can let your life become very satisfied. Be in especially through " SARS " the day of the battle, you are certain very envy those to often can put appliance of bedding etc life in the family that insolates below the sun.
As to " east front takes the balcony " the case is roughly such also, it is the time with the point-blank sunshine in summer and intensity should lose only at on the west to, was in by the row so the 3rd.
Say the 5th again " boreal front takes the balcony " . Somebody can ask the likelihood: Beijing area winter often blows northwest wind, again together with in cannot contact intimately with sunshine, it why add a balcony to be met is good to why add a balcony to be met at the platoon the 6th east Where is front?
Because although be met in the winter,have northwest wind,this is, but it is OK to had the balcony will almost all windscreen are outside house. Although cannot let clothings, bedding pass the illuminate of sunshine, but returning the dress air that washs do not have a problem, can be in only than those of size of bean curd piece so called " the balcony " on sun clothes should much more delighted. Do not forget additionally, arrived summer, the room of day north can be the coolest, can calculate really for the people that such house cannot blow electric fan to perhaps use air conditioning in sorching summer to those going up is heaven.
Through the introduction above, you also can understand most propbably easily " east front " with " north faces towards " actor bad, here no longer 啰 Suo.
Say again below " distance " problem.
So far, what most person buys still is the building in dweller village. Since be dweller village, nature can have all sorts of public facilities, plus you all round numerous neighbour, problem subsequently and came, to avoid a few needless troubles, it is please under the attention before buying a house 10 big " distance " problem.
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