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House home is unfavorable the graph that hang
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One, color is too deep or the drawing with overmuch black cannot be bought. The picture such as this looks your person to have heavy, make demoralized, pessimism mixes the person work lack develops interest.

2, draw the drawing of feral beast is unfavorable buy, otherwise family health will be poorer.

3, unfavorable the character abstraction that hangs more than one is drawn, because meet,the mood that makes a person relapses big, psychology is lopsided, easy neurosis.

4, drew the picture that sunset sinks on the west to be not hanged, because this kind draws an elephant,bring down making a person develops strong result.

5, unsuited the big head picture that hangs deceased family member, because it can make you,do start armed struggle come force of times pressure boost.

6, unsuited the drawing that hangs chute and so on, because these are drawn advocate family fortune relapses.

7, do not hang gules and too much picture, because it can make a person easy,get hurt or grumpy.

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