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Aquarium places motion of geomantic flourishing home opportunely
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Wow! Pisciculture although can flourishing home motion, but also have special geomantic contraindication! Look first from Yang Zhaifeng water, be like near house home have pool or swim pool or clear brook, can build Ju Jiashu's comfortable smell, be like the position in man of flourishing money flourishing, still can make the movement power inside the home subsequently and unripe.
Modern this world is compared theoretically curtilage abstruse, weigh a situation again, also talk about layout of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, in future 20 old if can be in of the house foreign and southwest reach east have clear swim the brook water that pool or pond or music bend, seawater, can promote the movement power of the house.
But, every periphery can have the not likely that occupy the home natural pond or swim pool, even clear river. , with have to Jie aids geomantic fish pool to decorate 啰 of motion of home of messuage, flourishing!

   Pisciculture must want to notice 5 big principles:
The first, cannot make " the water that do not have a top " or say " drench head water " , it is aquarium water level tall too normal person is tall (exceed 190cm) , will make the movement power of the family does not turn instead, be depressed.

The 2nd, also can not make " the water that cut a foot " , it is direct aquarium ground, say without block up; Place a law to will hold back noble to come so, cause money carry to be not arranged instead.

The 3rd, aquarium appearance had better not have pointed part, most avoid has some of aquarium to make trigonometry fire body, make dispute dispute easily and the calamity of light having blood, had better be circle or elliptic or tetragonal, it is the crock that enrol money.

The 4th, the pisciculture inside aquarium has knowledge, goldfish can enrol money most, and blackfish has special professional only the person can raise (for example: Soldier and scholar) , general blackfish provokes Lilliputian, dispute more easily, action money is adverse instead, pisciculture number also is differred according to individual life Xiao You, list as follows:
Rat, pig: 1 or 6
Tiger, hare: 3 or 8
Snake, horse: 2 or 7
Monkey, chicken: 4 or 9 or 5
Dragon, dog, ox, sheep: 5, 10, 4, 9

The 5th, aquarium is furnished most avoid is placed inside the kitchen or inside the toilet, can provoke dispute and eye pain; And after be being placed in house bad also, it is water of the money that it is leakage; Had better be to be in hall hall, it is to be bright hall water, and put the aquarium inside the bedroom to draw on strange disease easily to also should not be.

Aquarium is furnished in the home this year most Ji Fang is with great fortune southwest just is optimal, it is eastern part next, also be noble water, if be in,the study should be placed in southeast horn, can promote article prosperous gas to be intelligent water.
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