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Bedroom " geomantic " 6 big contraindication
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The 1/3 time of life, we are spent in the bedroom almost, the bedroom is a person's last port, also be everyday gas station, the environmental circumstance inside the bedroom meets what matter to a person directly to rest with Morpheus, because of this bedroom " geomantic " stand or fall is concerning whether can we have exuberant energy, moist facial expression... of course, read the article, you return meeting discovery, so " geomantic " this kind of theory is not mysterious Mo Ce, also may not is what superstition crooked manage, can use medicine and psychological knowledge completely to explain. See the following this 6 big contraindication, they can be the healthy be closely bound up with you!

   No-no one: Electric equipment is overmuch, especially TV is opposite bed foot
The electric equipment inside the bedroom is in too much geomantic go up to be called " fire curtilage " , the influence is healthy. Modern medicine theory also points out, electric equipment radiate damages human body health really. The foot is the second heart of the person, be in bide one's time if the TV of condition is opposite bed foot, the main and collateral channels that its radiate affects double foot more easily moves reach haemal circulation.
Expert proposal: Be in a bedroom less to put electric equipment, not be opposite TV especially bed foot, when be not being used, unplug power source.

   No-no 2: The door of bedroom room closet is opposite bed
Geomantic theory thinks closet the five elements belongs to water, shade gas is heavier, cause lumbar kidney easily unwell.
Investigate discovery, the bedroom takes closet, especially closet is having a waist to be fond of a symptom mostly really to the resident of the bed. Calculate closet again a person of extraordinary powers, also cannot change the essence of its blowdown, air quality not beautiful, after bath more produce more fungus infection of hand or foot. The door that is like closet is opposite bed, make a bed easily damp not only, the empty temperament that affects a bedroom easily still is measured, worldly grew to bring about a waist to ache, can increase the burden of the kidney that discharge poison more.
Expert proposal: On a few mud are put to grow thing of view Xie Zhi in the toilet, or closet of the dangler that grow a bed adds screen to serve as keep out between the door.

   No-no 3: The area exceeds 20 square metre
Geomantic theory points out ancient time " house adult is little, it is fierce house " , think " big house can suck a person to enrage " . Accordingly, even if bedroom palace of the emperor, the area also won't exceed 20 square metre.
Actually geomantic in what say " the person is enraged " it is us discover later " field of human body energy " . Human body is an energy body, the all the time is not sending out outwards energy, resemble the air conditioning in the job, the energy of building area is larger consume is more. Accordingly, bedroom area agrees greatly too evil because bad news can pass,bring about human body much and immune force drops, downhearted, eye drops, make wrong decision, even " hapless " fall ill.
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