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Domestic horizontally pivoted hung hangs what mascot had better
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Generally speaking, the animal of and so on of a few peacocks, courser is furnished in the home, call somewhat namely " peacock spread its tail " , " the horse arrives result into " meaning, such have the nerve, who does not hope? Of course, when the choice, should choose lifelike, be like a peacock not spread its tail, ma Er is crestfallen, do not want to buy.
Celebrity calligraphy and painting must choose what a few have life, happy and the ability that suits him identity is OK and pensile. The drawing that sad words and expressions or desolate kill shoulds not be pensile.
Ox horn suits emulative strong industry, animal head, turtle shell, giant folding fan, Dao Jian adornment that contains crime gas, be not every family to suit, want to try to notice.
Happy event of some other peoples places figure of Buddha, basically be exorcise evil spirits, if the career does not become result, spirit,depressed, appetite owes beautiful to wait, put figure of Buddha, buddha is blessed, mentally had place, obtain good result easily. Of course, some other peoples put SamSung of blessing salary birthday, add lucky energy of life. But must keep clean, must not hold the post of its dusty, feel with what decline to the person otherwise.

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