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Unripe money flourishing furnish with mammon
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(one) , unripe money flourishing:
Alleged " money " , geomantic the view that learns to a lot of differ, it is to think to be in the bevel of the gate; 2 it is to think money inside the room 3 white, namely one Bai Liubai 8 fly 3 times in vain star; 3 it is to think to came to left yuan of 7 fortune 20 years this 2003 1984, the money when flourishing in northwest square.

(2) , money 5 appropriate:
1, money Wei Yiliang is unfavorable and dim, bright spirited, reason this money have sunshine or lamplight illuminate, this opposite flourishing big helpful.
2, money appropriate is unripe, alleged " unripe " , it is to show opportunity of survival is flourish, this should be in reason money put evergreen, especially with the leaf the gold arrowroot with big or thick leaf, rubber tree reachs Brazilian sago cycas to wait most appropriate; But want advertent, these plant application clay are cultivated, if come with water,education shoulds not be. Money unfavorable cultivate aculeate cacti kind plant, otherwise outsmart oneself.
3, money appropriate sits, money it is the azimuth that institute of one penates gas gets together, reason this should try to use, extend sand in money for example, sit over to rest when a size when chatting, can be infected with the wealth vital energy in more, meet naturally a fat house is broad. In addition, if places dining table in money also very appropriate, because this meeting makes one small all be benefited.
4, money appropriate lies: The person makes an appointment with the time of 1/3 to be used on Morpheus, the good or ill luck of this berth azimuth is opposite reason haul has very big effect. If berth is placed in money, day night lies over, accumulate over a long period, can carry to money oneself in good part. Some people are misunderstood, think berth is heavy furniture, may control caustic money, reason this dare not put the bed over, was to waste money actually.
5, money appropriate auspicious: Money it is seat of flourishing gas agglomerate, if the thing with a few lucky implied meaning is put over, it is SamSung of blessing, salary, birthday or the statue that are mammon of civil and military for example, this can add auspicious on auspicious, have the effect that perfect.

(3) , money 6 avoid
1, money avoid pressing: In geomantic learn for, money press press is absolutely unsuited, bookcase or the great cupboard with will serious in case, combination ark are pressed in money etc, that can is opposite it is profitless that carry of this house money has damage.
2, money avoid water: Some people like to put aquarium in money, actually this is not appropriate, because this as good as turns the god of wealth then,fall into water the crock became " see money turns water " ! Money avoid water, reason this is unfavorable the plant that puts the education that use water over.
3, money avoid is empty: Money backside appropriate has sturdy wall, because symbolize,backer can lean, assure not to have trouble back at home, such ability can hide wind to get together gas. On the contrary, if money it is transparent glazing rear, this not only build up hard fortune, and because,return disappointing, often can have the anxiety of suffer unexpected personal financial losses so.
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