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Live in geomantic knowledge introduction
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One, in relief curtilage situation

1, good this world curtilage much ground Founder, look pleasing to the eye, if the building is too tall, too broad, too narrow small, or drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, dong Daxi is small, calm advocate property population has loss, harm.
2, the residence of person of riches and honour, much room look is decorous and earnest, atmosphere a person of extraordinary powers is male, wall wall is careful, 4 walls are bright, courtyard Ming Jie, build rule and center. Conversely room is little and tall, do not have before according to, do not have quadrilateral lean, gu is cold curtilage. Building, walk unsteadily, analyse bridge is inclined, harships is entered room, advocate house go-between has ailment.
3, the building is dark, too broad too narrow, monster curtilage also. House building is not orderly, 4 walls adornment is broken, window door grinningly, advocate money two retreat.
4, house short land is vast, advocate generation grow stout.
5, the residence and office are different, broadness of office happy event is big grand, the residence is fond of size moderate, hall room is centered, for auspicious.
6, the building method of bedroom and sitting room is different, before the sitting room can broad, big bedchamber shoulds not be too big.
7, before house occasion for celebration is not expensive not short, criterion guest and host is proportional advocate blessing, before house is too tall person, advocate bully getting a person, too low person, meaning of asymmetry of guest and host, too close person the person suffers press,
8, carry before house close, criterion appropriate is short, before brim is a bit far, criterion but slightly tall
. 9, the residence is delightful much room is little, house humanness is overcome advocate auspicious, curtilage much person is little, to get the better of a person curtilage advocate fierce.
10, the building if among for old house, both sides builds new house again, host develops without high aspiration, conversely, 2 edges are old curtilage, new house is built again among, advocate develop fame and gain, new friend half and half, criterion half of good or ill luck, the material of the building is new and beautiful, master mouth fills flourishing, wood of bug eat by moth is empty, advocate have the person from blind deaf.
11, the person that the house has an in part only lives, host comes loose, if Liang Zhu is impending, advocate advocate the life is brief, bridge is crooked inclined, advocate dispute relapses.

   2, building
1, upstairs for the day, it is the ground downstairs, appropriate building is small and downstair big, conversely building big house is small advocate ill-fated. Building fluctuation door is like each face all along, advocate the home has go against close, or action pilfer, upstairs height is taller than be downstairs, advocate the drug taking of person hang oneself that live.
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