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Lone female noble lives a way driving movement
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Increasing a single woman begins her to offer a room, make lone noble. So, in the space occupying the home that gives priority to with the female, how to apply geomantic the love that yields oneself, economy and health more perfect?

Drive away married man to pester
If lone female noble encounters the pursuit of married man when, do not want to let them pester them, proposal female friend finds a place for in the north of the sitting room this year backsword of a peach, good behead breaks sundry sodden peach blossom. It is very important also to still have a bit: Outside the window is being reached inside the room, avoid has the plant such as rose and cacti, these are the omen that sodden peach blossom approachs step by step, ten million must add caution more, if have such state, be sure to move instantly except.   

Economy is steadier
A lot of decorations in the home are met carry of money of influence of direct, indirect ground. In consult in those days money on the foundation, put an aquarium or a vase (168 schilling are put inside the vase) , can help stable money, make economy stabler.

Bring luck of good peach blossom
If hope to good man goes after him, just use bit of underhand method in Gong Luan with respect to need. The Gong Luan this year just is in southwest square, came at 11 o'clock in the evening everyday between 1 o'clock, just order the tube of a yellow in southwest, attend day of illuminant illuminate direction, nod in the evening everyday shine every day in vain, until find good peach blossom till. When lighting a lamp by day, also can insert lily of a perfume in this direction, invocatory the fate brings lovers together shows early.   

The body wants health
How is lone woman maintained healthy it is a quite important thing, because this wants from the geomantic hand between kitchen and bedroom. The kitchen belongs to shade, the bedroom belongs to this world, the door of the kitchen is not OK and direct to the bedroom, make strong pattern so otherwise, right healthy very bad. And female essence also belongs to shade, for as suitable as the kitchen, the clean job here must do nice gift to go.

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