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Home appliance adornment furnishs flourishing reach contraindication
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Home appliance things
Electric equipment articles for use of Ju Jiazhong is major in be being centered in the sitting room, wait a moment like phone, TV, acoustics, connect regular meeting to be placed in the sitting room, the line run of electric equipment will be accordingly special much, had better be make it obscures a these line type or processing are orderly, just won't let a sitting room look desultorily and influence mood.

Adornment besides adornment sitting room beautiful besides, still having a few is to have avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and advantageous home reside geomantic action. For example: Ox horn, figure of Buddha, cross has his etc different function, if you are to be engaged in emulative industry be like a lawyer, the sitting room suits to furnish ox horn, because its resemble a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale to fight,get the better of with avoid the meaning of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, and decoration figure of Buddha and cross can make live the effect that among them person has the heart to place, additional, cupreous wind awl can be made evil spirit.
Aquarium pisciculture is placed in the sitting room besides should decorate besides, still have drive money gas and whole family atmosphere are active and vivid, having what wanted an attention is when choosing a fish, want to be beautiful with colourful, immortal fish, and the fish that should take care of aquarium place carefully to raise, cannot make they fall ill or die, water also should keep clear, if the fish dies or fall ill in aquarium, also or it is water quality the word of dirty smell, it is even worse than placing aquarium.
To the sitting room, miniascape raises a key point besides beautiful scenery besides, also have give birth to the imply that is born not to cease. Put miniascape of a few individual plant more, the life to the residence is very helpful, geomantic learn to come up say to be in money on put miniascape to represent money carry surge and the meaning that come, optimal miniascape is raise establish evergreen with the vase, and vase height had better be the above of half height height in the house, if the height of the vase is insufficient, usable frame block up; But indoors avoid by all means uses a needle thallophyte or Yin Shu (like peach) , especially avoid cuckoo. If do not have time to take care of buy to put indoors when the plant, had better not be in easily so money on place miniascape, because be in money if the miniascape that go up is taken care of bad and bring about a plant the word of withered and yellow fade, carry of the money in fearing pair of homes has undesirable effect.

Cannot the little detail of forgot
In the sitting room geomantic the mainest is afore-mentioned a few, but if if also can notice,having a few little detail additionally, it is very helpful to occupying the home.
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