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Avoid of the gate that choose a room develops others house part
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Be in geomantic in learning, the force that likes most is circular force, circular delegate is satisfactory, downy, unripe be born not to cease, it is a kind of raw power. Opposite geomantic in most those who abstain from is linear or acerb force; Because this kind of force represents a kind of vent one's ill feeling, the sword lance that resembles cold hard callosity is same, it is to attribute a kind of dead strength. Because this is in traditional and geomantic in emphasize those who have vent one's ill feeling wanting this kind to keep away from particularly " evil spirit gas " . Among them, every house curtilage house part is everybody of principal attention, because, its power is particularly great. If everybody ever was watched carefully,check, can discover some house curtilage outside can put lens of a few the Eight Diagrams or round looking glass; In fact, this dissolves oneself namely by other house curtilage role is strong evil spirit a kind of kind that reach.

According to experience, if house by the family's house horny evil spirit arrives, and the case is severe, time is long also, so habitant an inevitable ailment again and again, often also have some of blood light kind accident. Especially, it is the building that those gates are developed by family room part, want an entrance door only everyday, the evil spirit gas of this kind of cold hard callosity rushs, in geomantic will tell, this kind of house also is a kind of haunted house. Probably don't a lot of people understand kind " horny evil spirit " what is force? Everybody should know Egypt pyramid, horny evil spirit is mixed in fact the pyramid of Egypt is same, pointed horn right angle can arise external destroy force, but produce energy cohesion phenomenon internally.

Once a scientist made a test, he follows the scale of pyramid, made a small pyramid with plastic glass; Receive, put a beef and a blunt knife to the midpoint in small pyramid. Result, crossed the left and right sides 20 days, before the beefsteak in the tower resembles 20 days actually euqally fresh; And blunt Dao Jing became sharp.

Our old ancestor is actually early know this secret. The superhuman strength of pyramid, with us geomantic and OK saying is same " the school " of graduation. Manage together but card, the cohesion energy of pyramid is so strong, shoot its external evil spirit force has how old, everybody also should OK envisage! Accordingly, say strictly, every quadrate house is equal to in fact is a small pyramid, every house forms the concern of closed system because of dimensional right angle, interiorly keeps condensing energy, also putting what arise by right angle outwards at the same time evil spirit force.

Understand COMMON SENSE of aquatic of this bit of wind, when choosing house next time, the house part that whether there is others outside great observation house is aiming at your home gate, won't medium of others " dark evil spirit " and not cicada!
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