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The Book of Changes is in relief curtilage the relation with surroundings
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One, introductive: The person is born cannot choose door of unripe Yu Hao or cold door, the United States looks like Zhong Kui like Xi Shi more without choose healthy, deformity. But the process grows, optional him road, all everythings on earth on the earth all suffer natural big environment, time and dimensional effect, include the mankind. It is with chrysanthemum exemple: Chrysanthemum cannot change orchid, it is congenital life, but chrysanthemum can compare orchid more gorgeous, it is acquired carry.

2, this world of The Book of Changes learns curtilage is essence of wise man of Chinese ancient emperor grinds leave wisdom, answer through statistical analysis card uses scientific method, the help has predestined relationship person to create good life, improve life quality, reason should study The Book of Changes is in relief curtilage, yin and yang learns, the five elements. Life tries hard, be about to get ideal, but errant meeting outcome, fall in diversity society environment especially, today the advantage is not acting indicate day dominant position. The predicament now does not represent the near future frustrated. Study truth of The Book of Changes only, can be the same as lasting happiness with leisurely of heaven and earth.

3, common people of The Book of Changes is accepted first of group of classics, of the monarch learn unidentified The Book of Changes to cannot be will, small cannot handle perfect family to be his to repair for. Cosmic everythings on earth by one noumenon too extremely and of the name, produce one shade via changing 1215752192 one this world, and unripe old Yang Shaoyang, little secret of old nether world, again form the Eight Diagrams 64 divinatory symbols, 380 Yao, the five elements gives birth to a gram, mutual induction, each other has implicative effect, everythings on earth is unripe be born not to cease.

4, how are the Eight Diagrams of a priori of The Book of Changes and acquired the Eight Diagrams used in this world to learn to live with the mankind curtilage character promotion, congenital the Eight Diagrams has divinatory symbols elephant only for body, and having the five elements is nature phenomenon, although the five elements is not had, but corporeal however. Acquired the Eight Diagrams is with, have the five elements of yin and yang, it is to talk tissue of human relations, household, although the five elements has, but aeriform however.

5, sunshine and magnetic field concern:
1, why to live a house can affect person life quality. The earth transmits electromagnetic wave of countless different frequency to disappear with the eye, but Jie TV, radio, undeniable, electric wave is nonexistent, jie compass decides magnetic force is put. And because this world needs curtilage,this world is electrical body curtilage build in on the earth 8 large position, suffer the effect of magnetic field surely.
2, and the person also is electrical body, today the blood inside human body contains much iron to pledge, because blood gets response of earthly region lines of force circularly, produce magnetic response, human body internal energy measures days job activity to use up, when answering to sleep in the late evening, in a steady stream charges ceaselessly, reason the magnetism of magnetic field of a house and habitant is appropriate, the influence is great, if suit habitant, haemal circulation is normal, become aware body and mind is harmonic spirit is free from worry, work efficiency promotion, clear-eyed, fund is wide into, family and happy.
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