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Ministry of social housing construction ban, the interests prejudicial to rent
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Gregarious, the term Chinese characteristics rather, because of rising prices and for the people know. Through social, low-income people living in the city to fight to achieve the purpose of life, and the landlord will take the opportunity to gain a higher interest. However, in the future this practice will no longer be legal. Ministry of Housing and Urban recently introduced "commodity housing rental management approach" to provide rental housing to the original design of the room should be minimum rental units, the per capita floor area of not less than renting the local people the minimum standards required by the Government; housing lease contract period , the lessor may not arbitrarily raise the rent unilaterally. Allegedly, a move aimed at strengthening the Ministry of Housing and Urban goods rental management, standardized goods rental, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties leasing. If only from the paper, the new provisions of the Department of Housing and Urban would be a good management. However, according to the current status of real estate and social point of view, may not be so beautiful. First of all, how to regulate and define the social, is a big challenge, operability is very small. Ministry of Public Security, or live to be responsible for building management? I'm afraid there is interest we all want to take the lead, but no one to strengthen management Shique back. Although in theory, as long as careful implementation, these management problems are not problems, but in fact we have neglected the relevant departments of the word seriously. Therefore, to eliminate social, I'm afraid that the Ministry of Housing and Urban mouth say something lying Bale. Second, the ban can be implemented if the social, it will greatly improve the low-income groups in the rental cost. Past two or three people together to rent a room, sharing the rent is relatively low down. After the ban gregarious, each person was forced to meet minimum standards for rental housing, representing the tenants of the enlarged group. Meanwhile, the ban less than the minimum standards of rental housing per capita, while reducing the supply of housing. Increasing demand, while supply reduced, rents will inevitably rise. Rent increases, natural means that low-income groups in the rental costs, and flaunt the rights and interests to protect tenants from the Department of Housing and Urban new regulations will actually hurt their interests. Really really ridiculous. It reminds me of the time when King Hui "sarcastic" the absurd, the Department of Housing and Urban are much alike with the new requirements, I do not know the sake of the people suffering the introduction of management policies. In fact, many of the relevant departments of similar practices. For example, education departments often do not have the teaching conditions and eliminate the school children of migrant workers, called the measures to protect students often result in higher costs students to study, study more difficult. As we all know, in this case, the education sector should support to help schools meet standards of teaching, or working to build more schools meet the standards to meet the educational needs of migrant children, children of migrant workers rather than one off the school. Similarly, housing should not be on the social construction department across the board, the correct approach is to guide the construction of a sufficient number of low-cost rental housing or public, to help low-income people at a lower cost of living and life in the city. Today, news that Beijing will build 100 million years the protection of housing supply market, if carefully done as effectively in the construction of low-income people, then this is worth looking forward to the real solution to social and a good way of high prices. Herd is not easy to be away almost livable? Thank you for visiting my house, I ant insects.
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