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Jining in 2010 will be converted into low-cost housing application to start th
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Jining City in 2010 to apply for low-rent housing program officially started today, wish to apply for low-cost family housing please January 10, 2011 to submit material domicile neighborhood. The rental application is still low-rent housing area within the outer ring 4 (the outer west of the East, South outer north, west outer east, south of North Outer Ring), residence in Jining City (City Central District, any District, Jining High-tech Zone, Jining North Lake Resort) under the jurisdiction of district offices (town) and built in the region live in urban housing difficulties of urban low-income families. Families apply for low-rent housing should have a permanent residence in urban towns and more than 5 years actual residence, family income is less than 10,187 yuan per capita, total household assets less than 50,934 yuan, selfless with housing or private housing, although less than 15 square meters floor area per capita, etc. conditions. In addition, men over 60 years of age, women 55 years of age in the elderly, severely disabled, Poor Families and the poor workers priority for families with rent low-rent housing. Applicants should submit individual applications, or proof of residence booklet and a copy of the original, original and copy of the marriage, both spouses and a copy of the original identity card, proof of household income, no housing proof materials. Applicants until January 10, 2011 to the local community committees (village committees) to submit relevant materials, and fill out the "low-income families apply for low-cost housing security for approval", the neighborhood of the submitted materials investigation and verification, eligible official seal, and then gradually be reported to the district offices (town government), district civil affairs departments, district housing security authorities. March 12, 2011 reported to the Jining City Housing Authority, eligible families will be publicized through public media, 15 days after registration based on "protection of Jining City rental housing construction management approach" with low-cost rental housing. Jining City Housing Authority official says, published on November 1 this year, "Jining city affordable rental housing construction and management", the Jining City by way of low-rent housing guarantee payment of rental subsidies to mainly oriented to the Shiwupeizu change. The implementation of low-cost family rental housing waiting system, when the number of applicants exceeds the validated Shiwupeizu number of low-cost housing availability, the Housing Authority will be based on the applicant's family members physical condition, income level, housing difficulties of assessing such factors to determine the waiting order.
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