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Rent one to do a certified registered Asian Games Security
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Yesterday morning, the South China Sea area, "the Asian Games, Asian Paralympic Games" security work leading group came to Dali, Dali Town, the relevant departments to carry out joint inspection. Dali and his inspection team came to the town hotels, hostels, check the check registration staff, the inspection found that some hotels do not clear out residents and visitors of the registration, inadequate staffing the counter. Inspectors in a hotel, said: "At least help desk on each floor must have personnel on duty, who clearly out." It is understood that the inspection team earlier this hotel is not a factual record, given the punishment to stop open 7 days If longer be business for rectification, impose a minimum of 6 months suspension, or revocation of business license. Subsequently, the inspection teams to conduct random Fung Chi Tsuen rental inspection, to understand the management of floating population, requiring staff to do a good job in the Asian Games before the opening of registration of floating population data, whether to stay or rental rental travel industry, must be one A certified registered. Yang Dongyu Public Security Bureau deputy director of the South China Sea, said the inspection team will inspect each day, once discovered Wu Zhengzhao the hotel immediately banned. According to reports, this action also includes the town of instability in the investigation, public safety, improvement of public entertainment Jurisprudence gambling-related problems such as drug-related, authorities said the investigation of the security risks seriously and do the work of Asian security, ensure that the area safe.
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