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Students receive a rental subsidy of Shenzhen to prepare detailed regulations
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Students receive detailed planning to be out of rent subsidies Shenzhen Talent housing project management approach has previously been submitted Reporter yesterday from the chairman of the meeting held in the city CPPCC proposals focus on the supervision of handling of the forum was informed that "the Shenzhen Interim Measures on Management of Talent housing project" has been sent to government approval, the general concern of how to apply for rent Subsidies for specific implementation measures will be introduced. Introduced by the end of April this year, "the CPC Shenzhen Municipal People's Government of Shenzhen City housing project on the implementation of personnel decisions" by the attention. Which provides domestic and international full-time college graduates, bachelor degree or above, its Dr 35 years of age, master of 30 years of age, bachelor of 25 years of age, who does not own any form in Shenzhen own homes, with signed work contracts and pay social insurance certificate, can apply Please public rental housing or receive rental subsidy. Rent subsidy standard is: Dr. was 1,000 yuan / month, Master of 500 yuan / month, BA is 200 yuan / month. Continuous enjoyment of public rental housing or rental Receiving rental subsidies maximum period of 3 years. Yesterday's meeting, the City Housing and Construction Bureau staff revealed that, in order to implement the "CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on the implementation of the decisions personnel housing project", "housing project in Shenzhen Interim Measures on Management of Talent" Manuscript has been reported to the municipal government. What departments to apply for and receive housing compensation and other issues, in the "measures" in all details.
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