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[all-round victory] the unmanned make inquires of mark exceeding bamboo shoot
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The sale that auction of 4 Guangdong property right holds all right last week is opposite on the meeting the property that elegant lake of happy garden of elegant house of Yuan Hean city resides Dong Huhao undertakes auctioning, enter the meaning that auctions meeting site to be able to experience cold and cheerless. Auction hall is orderly putting nearly 100 pieces of seat, but attend what this the auction meets to buy the home to have 56 only, sit scatteredly attendant in, take a card among them buy the home only also 2.

The auction is met at the beginning, made simple introduction to the circumstance of two property first, the property reference price that Dong Huhao encloseds ground for growing trees only 7380 yuan / square metre, and property right is clear, the having with the convenient ground that is not worth exclusively lease does not hand in auspicious; Another is located in the property that elegant lake of happy garden of Guangzhou elegant room resides is an area for172.7 square metre
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