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[Shanghai Central Plains] the happy event on happy event of open quotation of fl
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The ONE that fold villa is located in loose Jiang Xinqiao to press down a center, border Shen Min villatic area, it is a collect apartment of type of the compound that fold villa, small high level, hotel is an organic whole mix model community. In October beginning, a lot of the building in pushing carry out dish appear with the attitude of price of low total prices, tall sex in succession, project of the ONE that fold villa chooses to be in this for a short while (on October 18 this Saturday) open quotation, showed the self-confidence that develops business height.

It is reported, folding what this open quotation rolls out villa ONE is product of project main force folds villa compound, room to make an appointment with 88—127 the 2 rooms of ㎡ are mixed 3 rooms. This kind of product serves as foreign to average boarding house room upgrade replacement, changed original the apartment construction of smooth layer type, become monolayer area what comprise by 2—3 layer is stereo change a space, blend in the element of villatic life and emotional appeal faultlessly. And breakthrough of 92% mix so high that the room leads more than4.2 meters
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