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[all-round victory] endow go back to school of orphan of Ying De poverty
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The reporter understood from all-round victory recently, compensate Gu aids the “ Ying De of 3 years when be learn ” activity to already was started, be geared to the needs of the job of many 20 staff aids financially all-round victory 9 dragon towns of flower heart city, the ox presses down impoverished orphan on the west, help their go back to school continue school work. As we have learned, activity of this love charity from this year the bottom will begin last a period of time 3 years in September, every half an year is contributory, individual employee subsidizes 4 students more. Besides speak or sing alternately contributory, all-round victory employee also spreads hand contribute money of friendly affection in succession, love money total is close to 100 thousand yuan.

It is reported, all-round victory employee approves difficult orphan at arriving at Ying De to visit this last weekend, sent satchel, book and other study things for them, play game together with them, make activity of this love charity more significant. Relevant controller introduces all-round victory, love respect all-round victory is dedicated in charity all the time do one's best, present sale of work of love ” activity, beautiful city from the “ Lianna before, had better contribution of man Zhang Shu and in contribution of shake of earth of plain of the calamity that it is snow, short of Wenshui River, to present “ Ying De compensate Gu is aided learn ” and the “ that undertaking to send beneficent activity of bright ” love to wait, can reflect all-round victory “ to take at the society, use water at social ” , “ do not forget to consider a source, development does not forget the development concept of redound ” .

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