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[all-round victory] secondhand the risk that the room trades how to avoid to tra
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Between the individual secondhand because be opposite,the room trades of house property knowledge not of understanding and information opaque wait for an element to exist very big trade risk, and still can be opposite trading efficiency is influential. Expert of industry of all-round victory buy expresses, the risk that exists possibly to this has the following sides:

1, source of experience problem room: Because buy the home to be opposite secondhand the room trades to not be familiar with, to card of false house property lack is differentiated whether be ability is not worth or mortgaged to room source, close down wait for a circumstance not to understand and buy problem room source; 2, price risk: Because buyers and sellers understands not quite to the market, major knows the result may cause market level of deviate of price of psychology of buyers and sellers related lack, one party interest is damaged; 3, contract venture: Because trade,both sides is opposite secondhand trade to not be familiar with, the possibility gives manage contract detail the agreement is not clear, the contract is non-standard, result buyers and sellers often wait for an agreement because of the detail of the establishment inside the building, payment, time that make a room not clear and occurrence dispute, because the contract is non-standard,often also bring about partial clause to disable or pose issue. 4, risk of change the name of owner in a register: Because trade,both sides is opposite secondhand the room trades flow is not familiar, not only force of time-consuming bad news, the likelihood is caused cannot the risk of change the name of owner in a register. 5, property joins a venture: Because contract agreement is ambiguous,basically be, because the likelihood after trading is liquidation of building quality, charge, accessary establishment cause dispute.

Propose form to the bank secondhand platform trades on room net, all-round victory expert expresses, this kind trades platform is bought by financial orgnaization build, raised technical level really, but the problem of main existence is the authenticity that how assures the information on the net, risk how the lawful sex that avoid and financial orgnaization get this kind of platform. And secondhand the room trades involved program is very much, need professional knowledge, and the bank offers to trade only platform, have safeguard besides capital outside next other cutting formalities should trade both sides talks things over deal with, efficiency increases low and possibly trade risk. After risk happening, whether does the bank need to be in charge of? At present town house is in charge of bureau compose is built such secondhand net platform, can roll out after the technology is mature, it is better that this respect appears personally by the government.

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