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[I love my home] secondhand commodity house makes first selection of course of s
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The near future, a data that loves my home to offer from me shows, in coequal area, secondhand market of commodity room house shows driving development trend increasingly, those who resemble strong loose region is secondhand center of commodity Fang Fudu, go up in the price not only the price that happiness of blessing of project of skill of coequal area new-blown collects apparent prep above, and the client seeks advice from a quantity also is to be climbed all the way rise; Besides, the luck that resembles region of Home Ma fort, side door city of garden of Najia of beautiful river bank, city, the Milky Way secondhand project of commodity room house is apparent the city of the Milky Way of prep above new open quotation 6 period, East Asia 3 annulus project. (coequal area building dish chart of price contrast reference)

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