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[I love my home] lend the busy season that rent Yu Wen, hire the room, material
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Suffer Olympic Games effect, should be in originally 7, the Beijing traditional summer vacation time that will come in August rents busy season to be delayed to to pusher in September, formed rented a height Summer 2008. I love “ my home ” rents professional personage to say, rent demand this to basically will be centered in September between end and 11 gold cycle, among them, 11 buildings length a holiday are rented clinch a deal the quantity is compared the corresponding period grew 49% last year. Although, beijing autumn rents ” of “ mad tide to had gone, but lending the busy season that rent Yu Wen, show level to rent a house, change a room to be able to gain a lot of material benefit.

Above all, show level to rent a house, change a room to be able to enjoy hire price privilege. Between the fastigium that rent, be held by the Olympic Games and the low-key demand that rent is released centrally, certainly will drives hire go up raise. And rent as the mainstream trade finish, height slowly retire, hire level also will become loose somewhat, a few fail to rent the owner of the building can be in successfully between the fastigium that rent before the busy season that rent ends truly of too impatient to wait go to building lease, so reduce hire to become them to attract those who rent a settle or live in a strange place the most immediate step. Hurried ground “ grabs ” room source like the right now people that hires a guest to need not resemble renting fastigium, the rent that still can get landlord is concessional.
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