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"Run quickly 5 " still take move wife small hire a room to spend day
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"Run quickly 5 " still take move wife small hire a room to spend day

When the experience makes a kind of way of life, "Hire the life " the times comes subsequently. More and more new new mankinds begin to cast old-fashioned concept, cheesy ground chooses " the life that rent " . To them, without the burden, without the consumption of one-time large investment, this ability is easy life manner, "We are not to be able to not afford a house, can not afford a car, can not afford travel things, feel to do not have however necessary go having. " this is a material need not put in personal time 's charge, should face temptation, need tighten belt, when live frugally ability is had, be inferior to hiring will play, experience one time, enjoy " hire the life ' brought high living quality.

Hire a car to be able to keep transferring play

Case live in river peace the aperture gentleman of 21 centuries modern city once was genuine " rent a car " life gens. A year ago, he what just get a driver's license, for experienced hand, think of to rent hire a car to use all right, cannot think of, this is hired even if a year many. Aperture gentleman tells a reporter, the car that he drives now is hired from the company that rent a car namely come, a day of hire 120 yuan. Aperture gentleman says, he is the delegate that hires the person that the car is benefited, in the unit, choose with him " rent a car " the person is not little also, everybody goes out office is a lot of more convenient also, need not pack a bus all the day, grab those who hit. Compare with the photograph that buy a car, can update at any time besides the model, maintain even car, maintain waiting for charge is to rent a company to be in charge of. "Punish sheet of course or want oneself to hand in. " aperture gentleman expresses, "The life be economical that rents a car also compares save worry. Fit economic requirement very much finite, the person that useful car needs. It is OK to rent a car day is hired, the month is hired, OK also year hire, time grows the price to also exceed petty gain more. Can regard a travel as the tool not only at ordinary times, and be away on official business do work, everybody hires a car to go together very convenient also, in addition, OK still with go on a journey of family, friend, visit friend. Like the Spring Festival this is planted festival, I am to rectify a month to hire commonly, hiring fare is probably 3000- - 4000 yuan, fat fee fluctuates in 1000 yuan, add on a few amerce, pass by crossing the bridge to expend, need 5000 yuan or so probably. " rent a car all the year round if really nevertheless, a bit expensive, one year hire is as high as 449 yuan.

Comment on: As every domesticity level rise, have illicit home car to also make the one part of a lot of domesticity, having a car is the cup a list of names posted up of successful personage identity more. Actually, now of 40 % the novice drills rent a car the hand is used, it is again a few do not plan to raise a car, the citizen that pursues convenient. It is businessmen more very among them, their idea is, lease through changing at any time high-grade car, the meeting when going out to talk about the business is more creditable, and, do not spend mostly money, can drive all sorts of cars. Buy and hire, today, can regard two kinds of the person that is two kinds of ideas' collateral life style, "Keep near at hand reasonable. " actually, buy a car or rent a car, the option is not important, the key is to want do according to one's abilities.
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