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Pure live together not to talk about love
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The undergraduate offends " of mother-in-law of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting of igneous new " (times business newspaper)

"Rental day rents a house, offer double bed and all sorts of recreation conditions, can bathe, cook, create the group of 2 the world of a sweet romance for you. A day 35 yuan, assure safety absolutely. " recently, in Shenyang there are many similar rental newses in certain college campus, and suffer students to welcome quite.

Reporter discovery, the undergraduate of a few colleges also is stared at went up day hires house business, rent next suite first, go up from public praise net again relet, became loosely easily gently " 2 bosses " .

Time is different price is different

The reporter follows to be called " mother-in-law of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting " Wang Na (alias) go seeing a room together. See two rooms only in the room of one hall clean and bright, the balloon of adhesion heart form on the wall of bedroom, sitting room, bedding is folded just upright and foursquare.

"Every go I wash a batch of guests sheet, bed sheet and pillowcase, disinfect again next, of standard and guesthouse completely same. " Wang Na is laughing to say, there is machine of TV, VCD to reach a few popular disc not only in the room, still thermos flask, needlework, commonly used medicines and chemical reagents waits, basin of gourd ladle of bowl of the boiler in the kitchen, daily necessaries also is all completely, can cook at any time, there still are water heater and washing machine in toilet. "I everyday morning and evening can send two crock freely hot water to the guest, in order to have untimely needs. In order to have untimely needs..

"My house is hired only in the undergraduate of school. " Introduction Wang Na, specific collect fees the circumstance is every room Zhou Yi to Zhou Si everyday 35 yuan, zhou Wu comes weekday everyday 50 yuan, stay in 200 yuan one week repeatedly. "If the establishment in the room was hired to be destroyed by the guest in day, how many money is answered to also be not hired below. How many money is answered to also be not hired below..

Need is booked 2 days ahead of schedule on the weekend " can earn the allowance that choose fund already oneself with, exercised the ability that oneself do poineering work independently again, and real still ground went to the lavatory broad classmate, where is what is there against it? " Wang Na great tells a reporter, the business that day rents a house special fire, besides the part it is student sweethearts, still have lend this the party, review a homework, because this is basic every day repletion, want to live to must shift to an earlier date 2 days to book at least on the weekend. "Dig goes whole house every months of 700 yuan chummage, 200 yuan of right-and-left water and electricity expend etc charge, I every month earns 1500 yuan at least. I every month earns 1500 yuan at least..
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