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Pure live together not to talk about love
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Pure live together not to talk about love

To a lot of lovers character, cohabitational mark is worn the close phase that their relation enters materiality, can mix to Li Jun install its this pair of lovers, when living together, they just are known before long. In occupy Changsha east some covers the pond before unit, they are the colleagues of TV station a nodding acquaintance only. Li Jun and An Jichun pure are for the job convenient, 3 people add up to the girl of another responsible prop in ability and stage hired this to cover two rooms the house of one hall. After that girl is taken away, install its and Li Jun to be immersed in Gu male few female live together the awkward condition below an eave.

The neighbour that is not public sitting room and toilet, the TV that opens in life manner after all lived several years in the circle, li Jun and install its to praise oneself for modern, they felt to should not subdue their to live for traditional and feudal idea, one room also can maintain coexist of self-confident men and women pure roommate concerns.

Say each other working hours is stagger again, do not want high character to say love, two people meet not quite, the scintilla of friendship also is ignited hard.

Produce charge of electricity of water of chummage of wholesome, apportion by turns... install its and Li Jun the life of the cohabitational life of roommate of this pair of opposite sexes and same sex roommate is general and average, stick on sitting room wall only it seems that those who go out " cohabitational agreement " ability dot is a few clearer differ delicately, on cohabitational agreement they write down a word markedly: Each other forbid to talk about love, they inspect for cohabitational the first criterion.

They each other make clear both sides is for life demand and " live together " , it is because of demand of person itself physiology informal to do not think together. Installing its and Li Jun is not the person with affection informal manner.

Live together with what install its to Li Jun at first the work in the same placing of spoffish TV station. At a loose end does not have everybody the thing jeers round them. Say their Tan Lian loved should wide and accuse ask everybody to have a meal. Li Jun and install its to everybody speak and pay no attention to.

Just reachcapturing opportunity, just explain a few lightly. But everybody does not hear an explanation, everybody loves " interrogatory " them: Not love why do two people live together? Gu male few female live together how likely not love?

   Resist alone rate sex loves each other

Fun grows in intensity, install its and Li Jun to feel with each passing day, no matter what do, oneself are perform before everybody.

Lose one's head, installing its and Li Jun to as if is two loneliness and the performer of perturbed searched a companion on so large stage, gutty and subtle kind move is in cause.
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