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Live together licentiously, painful happy move
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Live together licentiously, painful happy move (in blueness is online)

I never had thought   oneself can go to today this one pace, on the feeling " live together " bad girl does this kind of thing, and I am born scholarly family, had gotten rigorous normal education, beginning from elementary school is teacher and parents all the time is darling female. But, I love him too, powerful love makes I am in imperceptible in become rebel against orthodoxy.

He is the classfellow in my university, shandong person, grow loftily Ying Ting, often can receive young woman student of a few low grade to write the love letter that come. I and he is the delegate of male woman student that is in charge of taking the letter that believe cent in the class, have the key of mailbox of a class severally, occasionally, two people go at the same time mailbox, a few can chat more when meeting. Time grew, I discover I often miss him indescribably, think his long and thin finger, riant eye, still have the hair tip that jumps before the forehead, want so that be flushed throbs to quicken. Then I know I am to fall in love with him.

Later, I put in mailbox him most the apple that loves to eat, when waiting for me to be opened again, the apple was done not have, those who replace is me most the heart Fu chocolate that loves to eat. We decided affection through so simple way. After be in in very long period of time, mailbox is the optimal place that the gift exchanges between I and him all the time, when taking a letter every time so, I have a kind of ineffable sweet state of mind.

I put forward to want to hire a house and him to live together outside, love is in warm up ceaselessly, and we cannot find otherwise to match to it, remain only lived together. Can eat to sleep together together, enter together go out together, need not divide morning wrong ground and beloved person to stay together in at the same place, what to still have can happier than this? Did not have. Very fast the one room that one finds to take home appliance coal to defend in my public house around the school one hall, many 7000 when fall with old scrape up rent that paid a year (so OK and some cheaper) . This money is me alone height goes out, did not let him have a hand in, because I know him,do not take give how many money.

Cohabitational day, they are lost love

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