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Close hire the bitter condition in house
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Close hire the bitter condition in house: "Mechanism cadre " remain next mystery to her

Be in garden of heart of hunt of area of the Milky way in some rented house, cheng Su told about fellow-townsman week beautiful and person to combine a paragraph of bitter experience when hiring to the reporter.

Zhou Juan comes from Chongqing, after the university entrance exam loses out, teacher of two time course was become in home town. The Spring Festival passed last year, she comes to Guangzhou to apply for a job, the clerk that in 5 sheep new city found company of some medicine of a Shanghai to be stationed in Guangzhou to sell an orgnaization works. Zhou Juan rented a house in hunt heart garden, the month is hired want 600 yuan, she wants to search add up to the person that hire. Go up according to wall then a few " close lease advertisement " , wrote one paste to be on the wall. Coming to those who hire answer is the man with a gentle style of conversation, profess to pursue IT industry job, be called A Wen. After A Wen gives Zhou Juan 300 yuan of chummage, do not buy even the goods on a bed, also do not come. It is the dusk only when will close hire house and Zhou Juan to strike up a conversation, chat, make an appointment with her gradually to take food taken late at night, ascend Bai Yunshan. Every time after night activity, a Wendou remands Zhou Juan to abode, leave next. He says to Zhou Juan, a classmate returns Fujian old home, the classmate has a single boarding house to be in the Milky way, let him helping guard, waited for a classmate to come back, just come over.

Overnight, a Wen is taking Zhou Juan to attend Pearl River noctivagant. Zhou Juan is intoxicated deeply by ovine city beautiful scenery, a Wen is photography of week of beautiful whole journey to record with digital camera. Yacht returns river bay dock, already was a late night 12 when much, ground of Zhou Juan too impatient to wait wants to see a picture, a article looks for a place to develop the photograph at once imprinted come out. Remand Zhou Juan when A Wen close when renting a house, already was before dawn much at 2 o'clock bell. A Wen says he wanted to go back, zhou Juan persuades to stay: "Chat together, tomorrow is Sunday, sleep not to sleep to be indifferent to... " such, a article and Zhou Juan lived one case.

Zhou Juan lets A Wen go to his house lease, dan Awen says he has high pay income, do not care about this house money. After this, in a few months that live together in them, chummage and charge of water and electricity are A Wen pays actively, two people life passes Dejile to happy and harmonious. Before long, zhou Juan listens cummer says, a Wenke can not make what IT trade, she has a few times when commuting, see A Wen is in the Milky way pass in and out of some mechanism courtyard, it is likely work over. Zhou Juan examines minutely: "Does someone say you are mechanism cadre? " A Wenyi listens complexion changes greatly: "You all listen to person talk rubbish, but the family did not install well-meaning! " that evening, this hired associate to spend the last night of their cohabitational life to closing. From now on, a Wen Yao is like Huang He.
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