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Get move wife small " rent a house " get along
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Laoxu is a bit additional really kind. You can deny an imagination to go out, nowadays already " run quickly 5 " he still takes move wife small " rent a house " get along. Be economy does not allow? You are then off base, the family but " old endowment " gens. He chief is in the unit, the room also has a car, the room is welfare room, the car is illicit home car, him what like cate at ordinary times, opening illicit home car to search everywhere feed ask the way; One have free time, pulling family to be driven oneself swim. It is before a few months, laoxu actually the welfare chummage with exclusive oneself go out, the international reading a city that oneself are taking family to spend stage area in rain is hired issued to be covered greatly. Laoxu tells a reporter, the person is in have desire below support, total hope has everything, "But the lifestyle that I think this is not a kind of health. " Laoxu says, to the house, the Chinese always is thinking even if to not be his, also can have an industry with staying for the child. "I like life attitude of the foreigner, aged hind, the house guaranty goes out errant the various states. " Laoxu thinks, if everybody is thinking what thing oneself are had, this is the great waste of pair of societies, rich. "The life is attitude issue only. " the welfare chummage of old Xu oneself goes out is month of 1300 yuan of / , nowadays, what oneself hire is big are month of 1400 yuan of / . "I want every months only floriferous 100 yuan of money, can enjoy new building, new design and new environment. What do this have bad? " the house that takes a fancy to the international that read a city, pass basic decorate, "When moving, also washed out dated before thing. For the house, let oneself live so tiredly, why? Grasping on the hand ten, can be to hope the room is promoted only sigh, be inferior to taking this money, investment of study, travel, economy, enjoy the life to use. Investment of study, travel, economy, enjoy the life to use..

Laoxu tells a reporter, his building also is not leased at will, also can consider cost issue likewise, because be office worker, it is good to should consider road condition condition so, the place of Cheng of half hours of car, one-time now rental 3 years of time, if have later,change besides, "I plan to be in read a city to live 8 to 10 years, because this is the decorate cycle of a house. When waiting for me to often go of course, I perhaps can consider to buy a little room provide for the aged. " comment on: Laoxu's example can be a case only, be one kind " stand aloof " lifestyle, however, in the eye of most person, "" it is to use the place that be at ease, after a day of work hard works, always have belong to oneself " nest " . Nevertheless, not bounteous to just stepping condition of society, economy youth, buying a house is actual strength really insufficient. Salary is not high, consume not low however youth, once offer a paragraph to buy a house, life quality and happy perception will naturally glide substantially. These people, the ability that rent a house is best choice. The house can be chosen around working unit, although work later,changed, also can take a package to go at any time person. For very strong to attributive feeling person, renting a house also is one kind transfers only, waited for income to stabilize, the ability that buy a house can have safeguard.
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