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The knack of doing business of an astute landlord
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Secondhand room business tax, income tax followings sb's heels and come, make secondhand the room trades cost rises greatly. The Miss Shen near future that goes to work in downtown decides, outer annulus buys to show a house. What let the friend beside her look not to understand however is, miss Shen expresses, took after showing a house, can go to house lease, herself continues to hire a room to live in downtown. Had oneself house, why to hire a room to live even? An explanation of Miss Shen, just let a friend understand, this before is skill of a kind of brillant conduct financial transactions.

Buying a house is to live not only. The thought of Miss Shen relatively halfback, hire the plan of house not very that come to he buys the house below or living. Nevertheless she still chooses to buy a house finally.

Miss Shen buys a room to have two intention: On one hand him income is good, the company has additional allowance again, account of housing accumulation fund already had many money, go to every months ceaselessly even in put money. If do not buy Fang Guang to rent a house, this money does not have a law to employ; Work a few years on the other hand, also have the stockpile with not small brushstroke, the hope can make some of investment, undertake keeping a cost. Fry a stock to buy fund to have a risk undoubtedly, still buy a house more reliable, can run at least win inflation.

Buy the house that has investment value
Miss Shen once wanted to buy the house of downtown previously, a bit closer from the unit. But downtown small family little, house price expensive, buy pretty bridal chamber impossibly with her saving. From investment angle decides to buy a house nowadays, take no account of so from go to work far, whether does a sector of an area like, the element such as Pudong or Pu Xi. The house range that can offer an alternative so expanded greatly, no matter core is medium annulus outer shroud and even outskirt county, be inside consideration limits.

Compare so, miss Shen discovers: Come compared with the house of core, the house advantage of annulus of China and foreign countries is great. On one hand because house price is cheap, the house total prices of same area will be a lot of lower, this let the saving of Miss Shen and lunar income level have the possibility that buys a house. Next, the house of annulus of China and foreign countries is right although downtown office worker is a few more distant, but be in to having car a group of things with common features or unit around, it is very right choice however. Should choose only proper, do not be afraid of to after was being bought, be hired do not go out.

The edge buys an edge to hire still can cover interest
Buy a room to rent, hire a room to live oneself, be about to consider issue of hire return rate.
Miss Shen was compared, discover downtown many houses because the price is cruel fry, hire income does not follow to go up, hire return rate often has 3-4% left and right sides only, but the house of annulus of China and foreign countries because total prices is cheap, hire income also does not calculate too low, if the house is carried well, it is unchallenged that hire return rate achieves 4-5% .
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