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Decorate need what to do to intend the work
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The beginning that decorate, a lot of people just were buying a house, the consideration begins when buying a house even. In fact, buy a house, it is lifetime of a lot of people in, the largest investment, and this, cannot break away from decorate this to close. So, how should begin to begin the matters concerned that equipment decorates.
One, above all, you must fix the date reaching a floor of the house, decorate preparative level, general with shifting to an earlier date a month is beautiful, too grow and too short do not have what benefit. Too long, can make him endure hardships longer only, too short, time too too brash bad also.

2, next, what you need to plan is the content of capital respect.
Decorate a building, need how many money, this often is owner people what ask at most. Actually this problem because of each district prices different, those who decorate a project is different, often very difficult treat as the same. Generally speaking, decorate big appointment intermediately to hold house price very one of going to 1/5. For example a house is 100 square metre, house price is 500 thousand yuan (old building should be calculated with the market price of equal new building) , so decorate a paragraph to arrive in 50 thousand yuan 100 thousand be a likelihood.

3, had handled the part of husband and wife in decorating.
Decorate, can become a matter of the brawl in husband and wife occasionally, have to wear so bring up again wakes. Count from course of study year, the domestic outfit that arrange manages is absent a few, period in also had encountered various husband and wife:
1, male advocate female complementary: In decorating, it is male host is carrying goodwife normally. This kind of husband and wife goes up in the power to make decisions of a few general affairs, male host said to calculate. The case with the most typical goodwife is not throat, also having a few have auxiliary effect.
2, female advocate male complementary: The example that this kind of spouse appears has a variety of cases. The first kind is wife canal fathers, go up in housework the man is basic not dare utter a word, I had encountered the male host in a client to mention decorate say: "My wife says. . . .. ? is respect of woman record of formal schooling the 2nd kind opposite taller, the man is in the knowledge of this respect is opposite less. Typical case is the man has elementary school level only, and the woman has university level, at that time, man majority is relatively silent one party.
3, with male give priority to: This kind of husband and wife is being decorated in, the woman basically is to had not appeared camera lens, reason possibility is too much. Guess be like below a few kinds of circumstances about: The first kind is the woman is pregnant the inconvenience of and so on goes out outside ambulate. The 2nd kind is the woman grows too I am sorry everybody, male host is willing to let her come out to ambulate not quite it seems that. The 3rd kind is the woman the job is too busy perhaps was away on official business.
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