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The adornment key of toilet
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It is wall brick. 2 it is wholesome clean is provided.
(one) of construction technological process sets → of the brick that stick a wall to a string of 1 → of floor tile of laid carrying → on the head installs installation of → of w.c.pan, lavatory, tub to join drainpipe → installs → of lamps and lanterns, electrical outlet, mirror to install towel lever to wait for hardware fittings.
1. sits implement technological process
Examination ground enters the water → puts a nozzle of alignment tubal → smooth search → of hole of stiletto of → of → picture good impress is wiped on putty → covers good rubber to fill up → to twist on nut, two edges aperture draws → cistern the reverse side impress, → of stiletto of &nb Sp; → inserts bolt → to twist firm → carries cistern on the back to hang put smooth search → is pigheaded on cistern of back of nut → installation enters the water it is good that bend → installs → of door of good character 8 to bend woman lamp * bend woman lamp * → is inserted float child the door and → of character 8 door screw nut.

The technological process of 2. lavatory
Expand bolt inserts → to twist pipe rack of firm → basin hungs up → puts washbasin in frame on make level whole → enters the water join:  of  of fine of thin  of children's hair of the  that maintain treasure imprints

The technological process of 3. tub
Tub installation: → enters the water installation → putty closes close → sails upstream installation → tries smooth search

4. shower implement technological process
Nozzle of cold, hot water looks for quantity of level off → to give outfit of → of pipe nipple dimension to be on nozzle with test tube → shower implement cupreous water inlet wipes plumbic oil, nut pestering → screws → is secured on the wall installation of → upside copper pipe is in screw of wood of 3 buccal → is fixed go up in the wall.

5. clean body implement technological process
The door lid of door of mixture switch, cold hot water and nut mix are even, nozzle of good → of → floodgate outfit turns it is good that core door installs door of good → cold hot water to export nut to screw → mixes the nut on switch to screw → is installed installation of the → when basin of magnetism of → of lid of 3 floodgate door installs good → to install spray head enters the water buccal → installation is carried.

(2) construction essentials
1. Catharsis basin installs construction essentials:
(1) catharsis basin product should level off nondestructive is cracked. Catchment bolt is due the overflow that is not less than 8mm diameter.
(2) overflow of bolt of the catchment when catchment bolt and catharsis basin let receive should aim catharsis basin overflow as far as possible in order to make sure overflow place is expedite, set the end panel on bolt of the catchment after receiving to answer under catharsis basin bottom.
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