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Clean provides 4 big choose subtle move
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  Sit lavatory kind

The choose and buy sits lavatory should notice to develop water means and water consumption. Sit lavatory strong water means has straight strong pattern and siphon type commonly two kinds. Generally speaking, of straight strong pattern sit lavatory somes the noise of strong water is big and return flavour easily. Siphon type sits lavatory belong to Jing Yin to sit lavatory, water is sealed taller, return flavour not easily.
■ bath crock kind

Bath crock makes material cent have crock of bath of common armor plate, Yakeli by its bath crock, cast-iron bath crock, 3. Crock of bath of large board of 5 m m a few kinds. Generally speaking, it is easy that crock of bath of common armor plate is cleaned, modelling is more onefold; Yakeli bath crock modelling is richer, but some shorter, ageing hind cleans life not easily; Service life grows cast-iron bath crock, class is high, the price is higher, carry, installation is more troublesome. Spring thick life long, installation is easier.
■ face dishware

Face basin eliminates model outside, consumer should pay attention to the stand or fall of glaze most, because of good glaze, do not hang dirty, exterior easy cleanness, use for a long time still if brightness is new. When the choice, but to the light, from the flank of pottery and porcelain much angle observes, good glaze should be done not have splash, pinhole, sand holes is amiable bubble, the surface is very slick.
■ bibcock kind

Production material of the quality that core of bibcock a powerful person should note when bibcock of choose and buy, bibcock pledges and the stand or fall of finishing, see it be mixed to the adaptability of water quality even whether section water. What general and high grade bibcock uses is core of a powerful person of entrance pottery and porcelain, with Italy and Germany for beautiful. Make bucking go up character, major high-grade bibcock uses brass to make. Additional, when buying bibcock, particular demand manufacturer offers the quality of exterior film to assure, protect character period should not under 3 years.

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