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Be versed in outfit of home of firewood a group of things with common features w
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One, shoot the light too much. In the household decorate of nowadays, a lot of labour firewood families go after the beauty that lamplight brings. Then they are resided in the home install more as far as possible in decorate shoot the light. But in fact this is one big error. Above all, shoot the lamp too much to cause safe hidden trouble easily. Although look,these shoot the light be like wattage little, but they are accumulative on small lamps and lanterns quantity of heat is big, high temperature arises namely inside short time, time grows to cause draw well disaster easily. Next, these shoot the ability when only normally the guest comes to the lamp to open, or on holidays just is used, divide this normally need not. A lot of installed the comrade that shoots the light latter regret, think this is to spent money to buy a mistake. Accordingly, find a place for in what shoot the light on should hold to can little little principle.

2, sitting room porch is too complex. In nowadays housing design, it is the sitting room is connecting dining-room mostly, there was a porch in sitting room and dining-room then. Should say, porch of outfit foster cordial relations between countries is more important. Its since is outspread to a when the sitting room decorates, it is a beautiful protective screen that opens space of sitting room, dining-room. But a lot of families that expend calculation design porch too complexly, be just the opposite to what one wished. The porch that complications above all destroyed the integral beauty of the sitting room; Next because porch one side is a sitting room, it is dining-room at the same time, complication go against wholesome cleanness, time grows, can affect instead beautiful. Accordingly, on the design of porch, want do one's best contracted, practical, made both neither seizes the beauty of the sitting room, facilitate again always nurture is beautiful.

3, floor brick is cheap change. In living in decorate, floor brick is an a large amount of expenditure, but retractility is great. Floor brick price has about a hundred yuan high, price is low have a few yuan only together. For managing expenditure, a lot of labour firewood estate not beautiful money of be willing to part with or use buys high-grade floor brick. In fact, this is one big error. Above all floor brick is easy wear away, if too cheap, criterion not wear-resisting, brick of one long floor meets time be stepped by the foot the trace comes. Next too cheap floor brick is not prevented slippery, slip very easily, cause accident harm. When buying floor brick so, at least wants intermediate of above.

4, it is cheap to buy electrical wiring, conduit to pursue. In the decorate of whole housing, electrical wiring, conduit also is a large expenses. The comrade of estate of firewood of a few labour is in this one defray, have the idea that cut down expense, often pay close attention to quality not quite, and value the value only. This is a gross error. Electrical wiring, conduit if quality does not amount to mark, decorate hind will bring huge safety hidden trouble. So, when labour firewood estate is buying electrical wiring and conduit, cannot reduce a level, and the wire that should buy high quality, conduit, in order to assure safety.
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