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The building has oxygen to dress up method
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1. refuses with making money, hit the unit that loses privilege to solicit business for the name or individual.

2. family decorates due cost is estimated program: Cost of cost of raw materials, construction, administration fee, profit should make clear, and decorate company or construction group to often be adopted without what credit, quality and service assure " low leave to go high " the practice of quote contracts to do a job business.

3. vigilance is chosen to decorate project of enterprise or project of individual tax evasion. They often use a client not to understand decorate, leak of purpose on construction project sheet accordingly, to add again during construction raise quoted price.

4. declines material shoddy. The material on quotation nots agree with with what use actually, especially basic level uses false and inferior data in order to reduce cost. Or increase material loss of purpose, the name that lends loss increases project amount.

Group of 5. careful construction reduces construction program, jerry in order to reduce cost. Brush two only like what ought brush 6 paint, cement is shoddy, woodiness basic level is not made firm with moistureproof processing, turn nail into join entirely, emulsioni paint adds water to wait.

6. cheats with popular formula quote way client, look be like science, actual project is ambiguous.

Before 7. is decorated, do his utmost to boast, contract to do a job business, after decorating complete, occurrence quality problem decamp, quality and maintenance became big question.

8. cannot abandon a principle because of covet petty gain, serious choice has what credit has actual strength to decorate a company or individual, respect the reasonable profit of its labor income.

9. should make clear before the contract is signed program of the data that oneself need, construction and service project, the name that checks quotation place to list an item, material, amount, practice, monovalent, total prices, ask to design personnel to offer " material certificate of conformity " forms for reporting statistics.

10. makes clear the concerned matters concerned such as project of increase and decrease, detailed construction practice and material the name of an article are made clear on construction graph, regard a contract as accessory.

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