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10 action teach you to make those who have emotional appeal " small endowment "
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Current very popular " small endowment " one word, what actually it points to is emotional appeal of a kind of life, life is savoured, savour in this kind of emotional appeal in, pervading opposite work and life comprehend understanding. And alleged small endowment the woman is to had gotten good education of course, having a rich and generous and steady income, not quite wastefuling excessive, but live comfortable and satisfied life. Their avant-courier is fashionable, in this kind of avant-courier and vogue, accumulate the feelings that containing a kind of romance. They are having one to plant small endowment emotional appeal, having unhurried life attitude, live in things repeatedly small endowment the woman likes practical and warmth thering is no lack of, beautiful female people should be done of course small endowment woman!
One, big pier glass
In every case is small endowment a little narcissism, big spectacles of necessary one side, should have a design, always check oneself growth, ought not to small lane is big, ought not to big lane is small.

2, appropriate home lives in things

Appropriate home can earn most small endowment money, it was offerred small endowment the conforms with international middle class lifestyle that long for day and night, small now endowment also understand actually appropriate home is to be Euramerican lower-middle peasant to prepare nevertheless, so small endowment meeting is enjoying appropriate home at the same time at the same time from ridicule, this also is a kind accord with modernly small endowment the life manner of the identity.

3, notebook computer
Computer wants jotter, digitlize lived, the earth turns us into the village, must have an interface with digitlization, table computer is not quite small endowment, at least not quite elegant.

4, pet
Pet is small endowment the label of particularly rich love, inspect its to be domestic member, and can have a very special name, for instance " flourishing money " , foreign name also unusual, be like " Clinton " , " Bush " and so on.

5, guitar
Perhaps be electric guitar, or Sa Ke Sifeng, hang on the wall above fireplace normally, as green souvenir.

6, fashionable magazine
Small endowment on coffee table, fashionable kind of magazine, it is to presswork absolutely elegant, the life that they are reminding guest vogue the magazine is medium soundlessly and master be closely bound up.

7, acoustics
Small there won't be acoustics absolutely in endowment home, and can have a very beautiful CD wear, music is right small endowment life emotional appeal is indispensable, but setting serves as only below most circumstance.
8, black-and-white photograph
In Euramerican only wealthy talented person takes black-and-white photograph, black-and-white photograph is more classical than chromophotograph, have grade, the shadow is harmonic administrative levels is particularly rich, be not the level that general artisan can reach.
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