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Household is decorated how to accomplish artful Cang Qiaolou
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As people life quality rise ceaselessly, the every day object that acquires in common people home also increasingly grow in quantity, how to accomplish artful Cang Qiaolou, it is the one annulus with beautification crucial household. So, how is Cang Loucai artful?
Cang Zhenlou is false: Holes of some sitting room door leave too much, can appear messy, pass in and out not be very frequent room door tries to conceal, can add integral touch. Can use the false bookcase that takes slippery course to conceal, although the ply of false bookcase may appear insufficient, average foreigner discovers flaw not easily also; If the window of the room is too small, adornment can be used to draw on proper metope " dew " give a false window to come, same meeting adds a kind of open sense.

Hide stupid dew essence: Many families owned the home appliance such as color television, freezer, acoustics, air conditioning nowadays, normally home appliance with practical give priority to, these unwieldy things already were no longer symbolize abundantly, lost adornment action, be like them ably " Tibet " after plate washer of case of ligneous ark cabinet, ligneous flower, and can very take out conveniently advance, already beautiful can save a space again.

Tibetan lamp shows a picture: Large flowers has wonderful adornment effect, can reach several to shoot the light in setting of its lower part, project the shadow of flowers on the ceiling or wall, can emphasize its effect. Blow when Xia Ye's breeze, can add the vivid aesthetic feeling of a kind of dancing that cultivate an image.

Tibetan heavy dew is light: Because build the reason such as the structure, the meeting on some indoor ceilings leaves those who have malformation " lintel " , create a kind of curt heavy sense. Settlement method is to use adornment material to pack its shape of curve, curved surface, may a string of 1 with modelling the top comes distinctly cover, make a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting of the ceiling becomes lightsome in artistic originality thereby rise.

Dew of hide one's inadequacy by keeping quiet is artful: Tell commonly, loftier store the sense that content ark can give a person a kind of clumsiness; And screen lets a person feel deft however. Somebody adds up to these two article 2 for one, had fancy originality: Namely of 6 screen among 4 are store the door of content ark, store content ark also " Tibet " was in at the back of screen. No matter such furniture is be being put in bedroom, sitting room, dining-room or vestibular place is very appropriate, and the modelling of 6 screen but dambered surface also can be to lose a face.

Dew Tibetan essence of life is in charge of: Elegant handicraft but lay aside is put in nature science ark, admire to facilitate, inside nature science ark mount differs a few times the ejaculation of color the lamp, make handicraft can reveal its glamour more. Be in especially evening, when be being admired jointly with friend, open shoot the light, can add artistic glamour. The art that goes up to the wall is hanged, adorn article, also can add illume ejaculation the light technically, highlight its to view and admire a gender, let its " expose " get incisively and vividly.
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