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Rental room decorates little skill
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The person that decorates house home to wanting his to start work often does not know how to begin to begin. Accordingly, we offer home of a few kinds of house to decorate originality drop to give you, let you can have a variety of originality, can be domestic infuse vigor follow one's inclinationsly, the expression that allows the home is rich and attractive forever.

1 a partition is hit to need originality He Yong to enrage in not large area. Gules partition wall makes the room appears very delicate.

2 with correspondence of circular arc modelling ligneous and round-table, circular droplight echo is round-table the glass inside is round, a satisfactory idea is handed in circular language.

3 make light from the reverse side, let the exhibit inside ambry have faint aesthetic feeling, the design of transparent glass door, let a space limit provide penetrable be linked together to connect again independently already.

Of 4 dining-room and sitting room divisional and OK the floor that pledges with different capable person will reflect. The design of bright glass door, make a space more capacious.

Outside the function that this pieces of 5 table divide a luncheonette, to liking to drink the person of tea, it still is a family chat, the interior space that communicate, accordingly, what maintain a visual sense as far as possible is settleclear static, neat.

The wood that comes from northeast carry makes the desk and chair of 6 dining-room, special stocky. The setting wall of dining-room does not have complete pale, however put apart the brick wall of two rectangles, make appeared to be moved lightsomely in the lumber of stocky feeling.

7 tangerine cooperate desk and chair of eat of Chinese style bamboo, make you appetite is big.

8 use glass the adornment that layer board regards mural face as both sides, it is dimensional vision focus, along smallpox all around and the ejaculation that set the lamp is umbriferous, let have dinner atmosphere more become aware sweet. Sitting room

9 originally flat mural surface, the correspondence that window of circle of by means of and establish grow, sculpture, sofa sits the adornment of chair abounds dimensional attribute.

10 wall having a side is like not to know how to be decorated in the home, might as well use the food with color, bright and lively design dish should do mural, the space becomes fresh consequently rise.

11 uses glass the gimmick of penetrable, specular reflection, let little space also can have rich expression, specular reflection of by means of gives the point of view with different space, vitreous tea table lets a vision can penetrate the plant that leaves to tea table is grown, in nature smooth set off falls, the space becomes lively and interesting.

The round arch with common yard of 12 Chinese style, change contemporary space, having the feeling of scene of the view in house euqally.
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