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Him study makes paper-cut for window decoration
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Have had thought him DIY is cut with one's own hands (quarter) paper? Cut (quarter) paper introduction is easy, it is more difficult to learn essence of life, common paper-cut for window decoration, it learn a few days is OK to learn a few days, but, high-grade and artistic paper-cut, be about to see comprehension.
Material: Chromatic rice paper
Tool: Order a book implement, spoon of the line that sew the garment, scissors, candle board, grindstone, burin, steel
Candle board: Use traditional recipe, a variety of natural material are made meticulously, texture is soft, protect cutting tool, can use old.
Burin: The user can choose average data burin 10; Or the United States imports white steel burin 3. Use special rolled steel, by paper-cut actor labour grinds the hand to make and be become, sharp and durable, angle of all sorts of different the crucial point, suit to make all sorts of careful paper-cut, can engrave every time make 15 - 35 pieces.
Grindstone: Natural stone together, man-made oilstone together; Cutting tool often is made a bit abrade, what often can hold edge is sharp.
Steel spoon: Board meeting leaves has used candle knife mark, with steel spoon bottom circular arc is pressed a few times back and forth but if level off is new, use repeatedly.

1, paper is chosen, design is printed. Print the paper-cut design that has chosen or copy, according to the rice paper scissor that design size controls 10 pieces, all around put apart a centimeter space.
2, paper suppress. With order a book implement will one crowded rice paper and appearance draft are ordered together, press 24 hours with the clog next, facilitate quarter make. To abecedarian, through a month study can make elegant paper-cut work, quarter after making a few hours, with respect to the work that can see oneself.
3, engrave formally make. General paper-cut uses scissors, careful artistic paper-cut, according to degree of appearance draft degree of finish, should choose different burin. The place with rough draft uses wide knife, and the place with fine or little draft is used narrow knife, facilitate turn knife, control is accurate. To abecedarian, choose a bit a few thicker burin, because of us craft does not arrive home, break off easily burin, skilled later, can convert a few thinner burin.

Clew: Had better choose tailor-made chromatic rice paper, encounter light to treat water not decolour, not fade. And easy fade of common and bright red paper, qualitative fragile, the surface is rough, do not suit to do artistic paper-cut, can use at paper-cut for window decoration, already bright-coloured economy.
When carry knife, bipod should be made the same score naturally be like,put shoulder breadth, the head wants to raise, two be apart from blade to make an appointment with 30 centimeters. Hold the knife resembles taking brush same, impartial; Grasp a knife to want correct, one is become on arbor linear, cannot let blade a bit bend, if apply the natural way of the direction of force and blade to have deviation, break off particularly easily point of a knife!
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